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The basic principle of Gastronome’s pastry shop is “no chemistry or artificial additives”! The fine products created by our expert pastry cooks consist only of natural ingredients. Delicious tortillas, cakes, natural fruit marmalade, panna cotta with mango and the famous specialty cake of Gastronome. Altogether, more than 100 different recipes, some of them truly unique, are used to bake exquisite treats that will not only add a sweet nuance to your casual meals and snacking but also serve as a splendid addition to any festive meal.

Our artisan confectioners will prepare an especially original cake (up to 50 kg) according to your custom order. Each cake is designed separately, and we proudly guarantee their uniqueness! Furthermore, we will also provide delivery and serving of the cake at your designated address. Orders can be placed at the Gastronome Service Centre or by calling 67019619.