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Fresh fish and other sea-food
The Gastronome delicacy market offers an unmatched variety of fish: Norwegian and Scottish salmon, tuna, sardine, Greenland halibut, sea bream and perch, swordfish and sea devil, as well as many different types of freshwater fish and processed fish products. The wide range and constant freshness of seafood is guaranteed by direct deliveries arriving at Gastronome twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, from 15 different countries and 3 oceans.

Carefully selecting the best of the best, we offer a marvellous assortment of seafood – Madagascar prawns, tiger prawns, octopuses, live lobsters straight from Canada, crawfish, scallops, four kinds of clams and 16-20 types of oysters – from the royal Tsarskaya to the famous Belon and Creuses.

You are also welcome to experience our variety of red and black caviar. Siberian sturgeon caviar from the famous French caviar house “La Maison” with an extraordinary nutty aftertaste will make an exquisite gift for a gourmet. This caviar is available in an elegantly designed packaging with a small spoon!