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Today it is possible to customise the shape of a bath according to the outline of one’s body, as well as to equip the bath with a head support, additional lighting and a faucet that can serve as a shelf for a book, a glass of wine or anything else you might want to put on it…

True miracles of technology are presented by Villeroy&Boch and Ideal Standard, all for your comfort and satisfaction. Perhaps one of the innovatively designed baths by Duravit will become the pride of YOUR bathroom? But, in case you are a follower of ascetic laconism, you will appreciate the bath designs offered by the Japanese brand Toto.

For your consideration, we have baths of various materials (acryl, stone mass, etc.), sizes and shapes: octagonal, triangular, circular, oval, hexagonal and many others. Our assortment includes freestanding baths that can serve as unique design objects, panelled baths that blend with the interior design of the room, and floor built-in baths which create the sensory illusion of a swimming pool. 

Manufacturers we represent: Villeroy&BochIdeal StandardDuravitTotoVitra,  PAAVispool.

For additional information, please call or write to our consultants: 67019639 or decorum@mc2.lv.