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Cheese and dairy products
The Gastronome dairy department is indeed one of our proud features. Pay attention to the genuine French Isigny AOC butter, produced in Normandy and available only at Gastronome! Along with extraordinary delicacies, there is always a broad variety of fresh dairy products from the best local farms to choose from: skimmed and whole milk curds with different fat contents, milk, sweet and sour cream.

There is also a wide assortment of cheeses from Italy, Great Britain, France, Spain, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Soft, semi-hard, hard cheeses from goat, cow, sheep and buffalo milk. Try the unique Iberico Castellan cheese, unparalleled in its quality and taste, the exceptionally smooth Brie cream cheese with truffles or the fresh dessert cheeses with berries and fruits – we really have something to surprise our customers with!

We also offer yogurts from Estonia, Italy, Spain and France, made from different sorts of milk with different taste and fat content. Taste the Spanish natural Pastoret yogurts and layered yogurt desserts, for example, the combination of pistachio cream and white chocolate – they just melt in the mouth!