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Regardless of the ever-changing fashion trends, wallpaper is an excellent choice for the interior design of any room and an important element of its overall style. Wallpaper can serve as a convenient background for other highlighted items or play the solo role in the interior finish.

With the array of designs offered by the leading wallpaper manufacturers, you can create any contemporary or historical style of architecture, giving the room an emphatically archaic or, on the contrary, an eloquently modern appearance.

Natural wallpaper, made from paper, bamboo and other natural materials, is a direction in contemporary interior design that is becoming increasingly popular, also being the special pride of mc2.

Followers of the latest technological achievements are offered a most creative solution – 3D wallpapers which will enhance the effect of spaciousness, creating an unusual and memorable interior design.

Our creatively talented customers also have the opportunity to order custom designed photo wallpapers, using their own pictures or choosing from the pre-made samples.

Another additional option, provided by mc², is the opportunity to match your wallpaper with the curtain and furniture fabrics. Our expert consultants will help you in making the best selection for any room!

For additional information, please call or write to our consultants: 67019630 or decorum@mc2.lv.